Chocolate with History

Salzburg Schokolade is a tradition-steeped Austrian confectionery manufacturer just outside the Mozart city of Salzburg. Salzburg Schokolade's history extends back to the 19th century. Back then, the company was founded within the city of Salzburg.


Founding of the Rajsigl confectionery factory by Bartholomäus Rajsigl as a Chocolade-, Canditen- and Bisquit-Factory at Rupertgasse 15 in Salzburg. After the war, the production which had been suspended in the interim was resumed.


For space reasons, the branch was established in Grödig – just outside the Mozart city of Salzburg. At that time the company called itself ""Mirabell"" – which later became the famous brand name.


Since no further expansion was possible at the location in Salzburg, in 1956 the production was entirely relocated to the new plant in Grödig.


Transition from handwork to industrial manufacture of the Genuine Salzburg Mozartkugel with a patented process.


1975 the majority of the company was sold to Suchard and 1980 100% of the company has been taken over by Suchard. Later the company’s name changed from “Interfood” to “Kraft Foods International”. In 1994 the family “Pöll” bought the plant back and hence it was again in Austrian hands.


Takeover of the Salzburg Schokolade Group by Philipp Harmer and Mag. Christian Schügerl.


Introduction of the new brands Salzburg Confisérie and Maria Theresia.


Takeover of the confectionery trading business from Candyport Handels GmbH & Co KG