Professional Packing-Solutions

for co-packing solutions

In addition to the plant in Grödig in Salzburg, Salzburg Schokolade operates a second plant in Plana in the Czech Republic (Western Bohemia). Here, some of the products from the production in Grödig are packaged further, for example elaborate gift packaging. In addition, packaging solutions for international partners are offered. Learn more about our plant in Plana on
Due to its strategically favourable location in the heart of Europe and just 40 km from the German border, the location is ideal for co-packing. Moreover, modern machinery and temperature-controlled storage offer optimal conditions for packaging food – particularly sweets. Decades of experience in the confectionery sector within Salzburg Schokolade, as well as short and flexible decision paths, make Salzburg Schokolade an ideal partner when it comes to co-packing.


Three automatic and five manual packing lines make reliable and efficient order processing possible.
Automatic packing lines:

  • A multi-head weigher with 24 heads and 4 feed lines for the packaging of precision assortments
  • Flowpack machine with multi-head weigher
  • Bag machine with supply count and multi-head weigher

The manual packing lines are flexible and ideally suited for elaborate mixed packages or gift packages. One line is used for individual display structures.


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